Call for Art

Underdogs for Justice wants your artwork!
Help us protest cruelty to animals!
Seeking animal rights artwork in the form of drawings, illustrations, cartoons, paintings, digital art, and other mediums to be posted here!  Artwork must relate to promoting the rights of any animals of your choosing.  
Email jpegs of your artwork to our email address.
Photos of accepted work will be posted below.  
No submission fee. Submit artwork anytime.  

Early in Tom Otterness’s art career, he adopted a dog from an animal shelter, chained it to a stake, and filmed himself shooting the dog and killing it. The murder of the small pup was shown 60 times in a continuous loop in Otterness's half hour "art" piece, Shot Dog Film.  
Otterness fled the state in which he adopted the dog. His act of animal cruelty has gone unpunished.  He has since enjoyed a lucrative art career imposing his permanent outdoor public art sculptures on animal loving communities across the country.
What does Tom Otterness's "Shot Dog Film" mean to you? 

Please sign our petition!  Contact the Director of the Memorial Art Gallery Grant Holcomb and Chief Curator Marjorie Searl of the selection committee to voice your objections about the Tom Otterness public art commission.  
This animal abuser is laughing all the way to the bank!  

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Call for Art
"Shot Tom Film" parody
kinetic sculpture © 2012 Doug Steward
Private Collection
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Artwork by Emma Keating