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Join Underdogs for Justice in our protest of the Memorial Art Gallery's misguided decision to commission notorious dog-killer-artist Tom Otterness to create a permanent outdoor sculpture in our city of Rochester, New York!  

In 1977 Tom Otterness adopted a dog from an animal shelter, chained it to a stake, and filmed himself shooting the dog and killing it.  The cruel murder was looped over and over in Otterness's half hour "art" piece, Shot Dog Film.  

The film premiered in a group exhibition in Times Square and on a Manhattan Cable channel on Christmas eve 1979 causing outrage from the public. Otterness recieved payment for the film from the art group Colab through grant funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Otterness, based in Brooklyn, has since gone unpunished for his crime of animal cruelty and has only recently apologized when his heinous act was brought back into light, jeopordizing his lucrative art commissions.

The city of San Francisco recently cancelled an Otterness public art commission after the artist's past was revealed.  Sadly, the University of Rochester's Memorial Art Gallery knew full well of Otterness's snuff film when deciding to hire him over many other esteemed and qualified artists. 

Underdogs for Justice are mad at M.A.G!  The Memorial Art Gallery is imposing their bad judgement in a permanent fashion on our community.  We do not condone or reward animal cruelty and will not stand by and allow this prestigious, million dollar art commission to be awarded to an artist with this kind of deviant reputation. Our community deserves better!  Join us and support our protest! 

Please sign our petition 

Voice your objections by contacting the following  people: 
Director of the Memorial Art GalleryGrant Holcomb 
585-276-8902 or email gholcomb@mag.rochester.edu
Memorial Art Gallery Chief CuratorMarjorie Searl 
585-276-8978 or email msearl@mag.rochester.edu
President of the University of RochesterJoel Seligman 
585-275-8356 or email seligman@rochester.edu
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